‘Speak Up, Listen Up, Follow Up’, a new e-learning package, is aimed at anyone who works in healthcare. Divided into three modules, it explains in a clear and consistent way what speaking up is and its importance in creating an environment in which people are supported to deliver their best.

The National Guardian’s Office, in association with Health Education England, has launched the first module aimed at all workers as part of its annual Speak Up Month campaign.

The first module ‘Speak Up’ is Core Training for all workers including volunteers, students and those in training, regardless of their contract terms. Its aim is to help everyone working in health to understand what speaking up is, how to speak up and what to expect when they do.

Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE, National Guardian for the NHS, said: “Workers’ voices form a key pillar of the People Plan. This e-learning will give all workers the tools to speak up, particularly those who may feel they are unable to, like trainees, bank staff, or volunteers.  But it is beholden on all leaders and managers within health to support this work, by listening to what workers are saying and acting upon what they hear.”

Importantly, this e-learning package is available to anybody, no matter where they work in health. Access is via Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/freedom-to-speak-up/

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive, HEE said: “From the front line to the Board table the ability to Speak Up is vital to patient safety. The culture and processes that make Speaking up possible must be underpinned by the knowledge of how to Speak Up and how to respond when somebody does. This new e-learning package makes sure that knowledge is in place so that the NHS really can ensure Freedom to Speak Up is embedded in every service, every team and every organisation.

“I am proud that we have worked with the National Guardian’s Office to make this happen and urge every Board to ensure their organisation uses this resource as we will ourselves.”

Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE said: “A positive speaking up culture leads to better care for patients. And this is what drives over a million people to go to work for the NHS every day. By making this training available to all workers, wherever they work in health, our ambition is to give everybody the tools and the understanding so they feel empowered to speak up and supported when they do.”

This e-learning module is the first of three sessions for organisations to build upon their speaking up culture.  Subsequent modules for all line and middle managers, and senior leaders – including executive and Non-Executive Directors, lay members and governors – will be launched later in the year.

This training follows the National guidelines on Freedom to Speak Up training in the health sector in England published by the National Guardian’s Office in 2019.

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