We are delighted to announce the launch of the third and final module of our elearning package, in association with Health Education England. This module is designed for leaders at all levels to help them foster a speaking up culture in their organisations.

The latest session – Follow Up – completes the Freedom to Speak Up elearning package. Developed for senior leaders throughout healthcare – including executive and non-executive directors, lay members and governors – this module aims to promote a consistent and effective Freedom to Speak Up culture across the system which enables workers to speak up and be confident they will be listened to and action taken.

Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark, National Guardian for the NHS, said: “Time and again we see situations where workers are fearful of speaking up and this invariably correlates with often tragic lapses in safety and quality, as highlighted in the publication of the Ockenden report.  The most recent NHS staff survey tells us that only 62% of staff agree that they feel safe to speak up about anything that concerns them. This needs to be addressed urgently.  This module will help senior leaders reflect on how they can do more to improve this response from workers in their organisations and improve the speak up behaviours and culture in their teams.”

Importantly, this free e-learning package is available to anybody, no matter where they work in healthcare. Access is via Health Education England’s eLearning for Healthcare https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/freedom-to-speak-up/

The first module – Speak Up – is for all workers and has been completed by over 46,000 people. The second module – Listen Up – for managers, focuses on listening and understanding the barriers to speaking up. Leaders are advised to complete the first two modules before engaging with the final Follow Up module.

David Farrelly, Deputy Chief Executive (internal), Health Education England, said:

“As we launch the third and final session in the Freedom to Speak Up programme, I am delighted to see that more than 18,000 managers and leaders across the health and care workforce have accessed this hugely vital resource to ensure staff feel safe about speaking up on issues affecting them.

“This third session provides an opportunity for leaders to reflect on the speaking up culture of their organisations. I will be commending the elearning to the board of HEE for our own learning and development and encourage all my fellow leaders in healthcare to do the same.”

The Follow Up module includes the following topics:

  • What is a healthy speaking up culture?
  • Benefits and drivers – including improved safety and organisational performance; reducing harm and costs; and worker retention
  • Measuring the effectiveness of a speaking up culture
  • The role of leaders in setting the tone
  • Supporting your Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark said: “The module asks leaders to be reflective and curious, with practical suggestions to improve the speaking up culture in their organisation. We are encouraging all leaders to use this as a further prompt to have a conversation with their Freedom to Speak Up Guardians, engage deeply with their speaking up culture, and to use the learning from speaking up to strive for excellence.”

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