NHS England has today published its new and updated national Freedom to Speak Up policy, which is applicable to primary care, secondary care and integrated care systems.

Together with NHS England, the National Guardian’s Office has also published new and updated Freedom to Speak Up guidance and a Freedom to Speak Up reflection and planning tool.

Each will help organisations deliver the People Promise for workers, by ensuring they have a voice that counts, and by developing a speaking up culture in which leaders and managers value the voice of their staff as a vital driver of learning and improvement.

NHSE is asking all trust boards to be able to evidence by the end of January 2024:

  • An update to their local Freedom to Speak Up policy to reflect the new national policy template;
  • Results of their organisation’s assessment of its Freedom to Speak Up arrangements against the revised guidance; and
  • Assurance that it is on track implementing its latest Freedom to Speak Up improvement plan.

Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark said: “The publication of the updated universal Freedom to Speak Up Policy for the sector is an opportunity for organisations to refresh their Freedom to Speak Up arrangements. The new guidance we have developed in collaboration with NHS England will help leaders throughout the sector turn that policy into a healthy and supportive Speak Up, Listen Up, Follow Up culture.”

Download the Freedom to Speak Up Policy for the NHS 

Download Freedom to Speak Up: a guide for leaders in the NHS and organisations delivering NHS services

Download Freedom to Speak Up: a reflection and planning tool