To get a real understanding of what Freedom to Speak Up means, it is important to hear from workers themselves.  That’s why we have launched the 100 Voices campaign, to share the stories that describe the current reality of speaking up in health.

We have collected together a selection here. Some have been provided by Freedom to Speak Up Guardians, others by workers themselves. Within these pages you will hear a selection of voices. They describe their experiences of speaking up, the impact this has had and how it has led to positive change.

These illustrations are only a small percentage of the cases which guardians have heard but give an indication of the wide variety of issues; from patient safety concerns to inefficient processes; from toxic cultures to training of workers; from waiting rooms, wards, laboratories, kitchens, offices, clinics and boardrooms.

Some examples relate to improving patient care, others about improving the lives of workers. The variety and scope of the things that workers speak up about illustrates the positive change that can occur when workers’ voices are heard.

Read the 2020 100 Voices Collection

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