A worker described how when they were recruited, a minority-protected characteristic was shared with their new manager without their consent.

They spoke up to Phil Gordon, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, because they felt they had been bullied and discriminated against. Following discussion, it was agreed that they would proceed informally. An informal meeting was set up with a senior manager to discuss how lessons would be learned in consultation with the worker.

“Open communication with the worker who spoke up to resolve the initial matter led to them being able to use their experiences to make positive contributions in a position of influence,” said Phil. “They are now actively involved in a staff network and in a role where they can positively influence change at organisational level.”

This case study was part of our 100 Voices publication which accompanied the 2019 Annual Report.

Case studies are vital to illustrate the good work of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians. We encourage all organisations to share the learning from their speaking up stories.

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