A worker emailed the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian because they were very disappointed with the way the essential training for porters had been conducted. They were concerned that the training had been reduced to such an extent that there was no opportunity to raise questions or discuss issues.

“There was no test of whether the information was understood or even read,” said the worker. Essential Training for Porters was reduced previously to ‘Toolbox Training’ and this year reduced further to each porter being required to sign a sheet to confirm they had read the one A4 page of bullet points that was meant to form the basis of a trainer presentation.

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian met with the Head of Facilities and the Health and Safety Officer who confirmed to her that the training had not been up to the required standard and that in future more extensive and appropriate training would be provided.

“I am confident that the Porters’ training will now be properly provided next year,” said the worker. “Porter training has an impact on staff and patient safety, ensuring safeguarding and it is potentially lifesaving.”

The guardian also escalated the case to the Head of Workforce Development to ensure the quality of essential training was consistent throughout the trust for all workers.

“The recognition that the training was sub-standard and will be improved next year is a major result,” said the worker. “It would not have happened without the involvement of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian. I have great respect for both the role and the individual who fills it at my hospital and have recommended her to colleagues. I tried numerous times to raise concernswithin my department. Since I have had the support of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian I have had so much more success at being taken seriously.”

This case study was part of our 100 Voices publication which accompanied the 2019 Annual Report.

Case studies are vital to illustrate the good work of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians. We encourage all organisations to share the learning from their speaking up stories.

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