In response to the publication of Too Hot to Handle: why concerns about racism are not heard or acted upon, Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark said:

“I would like to thank brap and Roger Kline for amplifying the voices of workers experiencing racism in this hard hitting and practical report. Conversations about racism are interlinked with Freedom to Speak Up because at the centre of this report remains the barrier for these workers, that speaking up is not worth it, because nothing changes, and the potential repercussions are not worth the risk.

“This report includes the recommendation for better use of Freedom to Speak Up guardians, who as part of their role have a focus on encouraging their organisations to remove the barriers which workers face in speaking up – particularly Black and minoritized workers.

“Next year’s mandatory annual refresher training for Freedom to Speak Up guardians is focused on equity, diversity and belonging in order to give all guardians an understanding of discrimination. This training will be a mandatory part of guardians’ Foundation training going forward.

“But Freedom to Speak Up guardians can only be effective in their role if they are supported by the curiosity of their leadership. This requires a desire from leaders to listen to understand, and an appetite to take appropriate action.”