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Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Foundation Training

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian role is a rewarding one, but it can be challenging. In order to have a solid understanding of the background and expectations of the job, the National Guardian’s Office requires Freedom to Speak Up Guardians to complete Foundation Training.

This training helps potential Freedom to Speak Up Guardians think about important aspects of how they work within their organisation including wider support they might need to be effective. It also identifies measures to assess the impact of the guardian role on the Freedom to Speak Up culture of their organisation.

We are working to develop an e-learning product to provide this  Foundation Training.

As the network of organisations  with Freedom to Speak Up Guardians expands, this will ensure that training is more accessible to a wide range of  people.

Introductory Training

Due to restrictions resulting from the current pandemic, we are unable to offer the one-day classroom-based training session for people wishing to take on the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian role.

As an interim measure, we are holding four-hour virtual introductory sessions for those newly appointed to undertake a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian role. These cover the basic principles and expectations of guardians, with an opportunity to ask questions.

Once completed, you will be able to enter your details on the National Guardian’s Office portal and be included on the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Directory. You will also be able to share speaking up data with the us.

If you wish to register to attend a session, please contact us at [email protected].

These sessions do not replace Foundation Training, which should be completed at the earliest opportunity. Further details will be available on this page.


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Check in calls for newly appointed guardians

Until the new foundation training product is available, there is an enhanced offer of support for Freedom To Speak Up Guardians within their first 6 months of registration on the NGO directory. The NGO facilitates regular group check in calls for anyone wanting to discuss any aspect of the role.

These sessions are not compulsory and are not designed to replace the valuable support given by buddies or at network meetings. They do not replace guardian surgeries where these may be more appropriate to discuss confidential cases.

The dates of the check in calls are as follows:

  • Friday Nov 12th
  • Friday Dec 10th