Universal Job Description

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian job description sets out the expectations of this important and far-reaching role.

Universal Job Description

Starting Out and Stepping Down

This document brings together information and guidance for Freedom to Speak Up guardians when they start in their role, during periods of absence, and when they step down.

All workers need to have confidence in the integrity of the Freedom to Speak Up arrangements.  Confidentiality is a core principle for establishing trust in the speaking up process. This guidance sets out what happens to case data and open cases in the event of a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian going on extended leave or when stepping down from the role and handing over to another Freedom to Speak Up Guardian.

Guidance for Freedom to Speak Up Guardians on Starting Out and Stepping Down

Recording and reporting data 2022/23

This document provides guidance on how to record and report cases brought to you, as well as additional information you may wish to record locally.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians must record all cases that are raised to them or when they become involved in an ongoing case. Maintaining secure, accurate written records is essential to help you keep track of individual cases and promote consistency in your handling of cases. Your records also provide a measure of the speaking up culture in your organisation and the use and effectiveness of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian route. Feedback should always be given to those speaking up, but also requested from them as this is an excellent way to learn and make any improvements required.

Your data is a vital source of intelligence for the NGO, helping us to collate a picture of speaking up nationally.

Guidance on recording and reporting data

Guidance on Freedom to Speak Up Champions and Ambassadors

Many organisations have developed internal Freedom to Speak Up networks to raise awareness and promote the value of speaking up, listening up and following up.

Many Freedom to Speak Up Guardians rely on these networks to address challenges posed by organisation size, geography and the nature of their work and to help them support workers, especially those who may face barriers to speaking up.

This updated guidance sets out principles for the development and support of Freedom to Speak Up Champion/Ambassador networks. It is aimed at Freedom to Speak Up Guardians to inform the work they do in partnership with their organisation to consider the needs of workers and how to meet them.

Freedom to Speak Up Champion and Ambassador Networks: Guidance for Freedom to Speak Up Guardians