The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA) allows specific categories of workers to pursue a claim for compensation if they suffer for speaking up about specific issues, such as making a ‘qualifying disclosure’ to their employer, a prescribed person or other bodies.

A prescribed person is independent of the worker’s organisation, who they can speak up to. Organisations and individuals selected as prescribed persons usually have an authoritative or oversight relationship with their sector, often as a regulatory body.

The Prescribed Persons (Reports on Disclosures of Information) Regulations 2017 requires the NGO as a prescribed person to record and report on the ‘qualifying disclosures’ workers have made to the office within a specified period. This report summarises the number of disclosures the NGO has received. It also states how the NGO has responded to them and how they have affected the NGO’s ability to perform its functions and meet its objectives.

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How to Speak Up