Anna Kanengoni

To continue speaking up so that the work place can be a better place for us as employees, which improves patient care.

Operating Department Practitioner

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Glenda Harris

My pledge as a FTSU Champion is to always be available to listen in a non-judgemental way and to support and encourage the person speaking up

Lead Nurse Divisional Development

Wye Valley NHS Trust

Tinashe Mahaso

To work together with our FTSU Guardian at our organisation to encourage a speaking up culture and to share learning.

Programme Support Officer

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Claire Peck

To encourage and support others to speak up whenever they need to, I will do this whenever I am talking to colleagues about incidents and delivering training.

Patient Safety Lead

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

Chloe Cossey

To encourage people to speak up at my organisation.

Community Support Worker

Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

Ian Wilder

To encourage colleagues to speak up by joining the FTSU team at my Trust, as an FTSU Ambassador.

Bank Senior Project Manager (HR)/Chaplaincy Volunteer

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Anuja Patel

To make sure that Freedom to Speak Up becomes a part of day to day practice.

Divisional Governance Manager

Modality Partnership

Morwenna Haslam

I will always strive to be fair, consistent and considered, without bias in my role as Freedom to Speak up Guardian and ensure any concern raised to me is fully investigated and feedback is given.

Regional Operations Manager

InHealth Ltd

Isabel Luisa Sanchez Wilson

To continue to foster and promote a positive speaking up and listening culture in the organisation to improve a safer environment for patients and staff

Outreach Freedom to Speak UP Guardian/PALS officer

Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

Helen Beardon-Hambleton

To always really listen to everyone I interact with and be supportive, their cheerleader. To always act in a way that ensures everyone feels able to speak up. We all need soul recharge at some point, we’re all responsible to make that happen

Emergency care assistant


Daisymol Thomas

I will give good or bad feedback by telling the NHS organisation or service about it

Staff nurse

Airedale NHS Trust

Carron Allenger

To speak up and help others if they feel something is wrong or they do not feel comfortable. I will guide them in raising a concern and support them though out so that the trust can become a better work place for all.


Children’s Complex Needs Nursing LSCFT

Donna Hazell

If I hear, see or become aware of anything in the work place that I am in anyway concerned about, however trivial or major I will speak about it with my manager, senior person or my Freedom to Speak up Guardian.

Flexi General Worker

NHS Foundation Trust

Suzanne Ricketts

I will always speak up as it is the right thing to do.

admin assistant


Marilyn Smith

To speak up about anything I believe will bring about a better way or outcome for the NHS.

Health centre co-ordinator community admin

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Hermione Thompson

As a FTSU Ambassador, I pledge to support those who wish to speak up as I firmly believe that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness and to be a part of an organisation that values their contribution and differences.

Senior Charge Nurse/Matron

Kings College Hosptial NHS Foundation Trust

Bethany Ravey

To always speak up no matter how uncomfortable the situation is.



Daniel Watts

To always speak up for what is right and fair, and to give an ear and a voice to those that do not feel confident enough to speak up for themselves.

HR Advisor


Claire Lyddiatt

To always listen when people are speaking up and to always thank them for doing so.

Administration Assistant


Sandra Ansah-Johnson

To speak up when the need arises so as to keep myself and others safe.



Heidi Bartlet

I will speak up when I see opportunities to improve the services we provide and I will encourage and support others to do the same.

Children’s Occupational Therapist

Cambridgeshire Community Services

Sarah Clinton

I will create an environment of free speaking, thanking staff for speaking up and always providing feedback.

Service Support Manager, Sexual Health


Michelle Phillips

To listen to colleagues & encourage them to speak up if they ask my opinion of whether they should. I will also speak up if something doesn’t seem right or could be improved upon.

Continence Service Co-ordinator


Karen Yassin

I will listen to colleagues’ concerns and thank them for it.

Occupational Therapist


K Jackson

I will remember that I can approach my line manager if there is something I am worried about, like safe practices etc.



Clive Graham

I promise to encourage all my staff to speak up during meetings.

Associate Medical Director

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

Anthony Beedles-Andrews

To ensure all voices are heard above the noise, and listened to.

Operational Lead


Adetutu Alatishe

To continue to listen, support and help my colleagues to speak up by pointing them to the right channel, and to speak up on behalf of colleagues who find it difficult to speak up for themselves.

Registered Nurse

University Foundation Hospital Bristol

Carrie-Ann Julian

To invite my Freedom to Speak Up Guardian to a team meeting. Seeing speaking up as an opportunity to make things better, rather than a problem to be put right. This is fantastic.

HCA Band 2 – Flexi


Graeme O’ Malley

To continually promote Speaking Up across the services and teams I work with and that Speaking Up is the right thing do if we think there is something wrong or that could be improved.

Head of LD & EDS

Midlands Partnership NHS FT

Vongai Musa

To speak up for the vulnerable people in society that I have the pleasure of working with in my job role; to be a voice for those that cannot give their voice due to disability or language barriers; to speak against discrimination.

School Nurse

Cambridgeshire Community Services

Julie Freiwirth

To listen to others. To speak up when I believe this will lead to improvement. To speak up to maintain a safe environment for patients and colleagues.

Clinical Nurse Specialist


Benerdet Woodend

To try to speak up more.

Admin Lead


Clare Leeming

I will always speak up in the best interest of the patients .

Health Care Assistant


Tracy Tweedale-Matthews

To work on improving communication between my own Department and others to improve patient imaging pathways and outcomes.

Senior Radiographer

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Louise Ward

To be approachable, supportive and encouraging to anyone who seeks advice. I will endeavour to be available throughout any issues.


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

Linda Davies

To speak up to protect, colleagues, service users, myself and the organisation.

Trainee Education Mental Health Practitoner


julie eason

To speak out, be brave and do the right thing.

Senior Project Worker, Sexual Health

Intergrated Sexual Health Leicester MPFT

Toby Baxter-Smith

To speak up when required to do so and act as an inspiration to others to ensure we do things right.

Community Responsive Nurse


Anita Srisuriyakumar

To speak up and to thank others that speak up to me and take in their feedback.

Pharmacy assistant


Nicola Arnup

To always work to raise standards, improve services and reflect following service user feedback. To speak up to voice my concerns, safe in the knowledge that I can do this with support and confidence.

Health Visitor


Anna Redpath

To invite a Freedom to Speak Up Ambassador to an RCN forum.

Operational Lead


Russell Price

To help others to speak up.



Heather Roberts

To support staff and create a safe space for them to speak up. I will thank them for highlighting any areas of concern and will feedback any outcomes and learning. I will honour their confidentiality.

Ward Manager


Anne Massey

To speak up, to make a difference.


SWYT NHS Foundation Trust

Mary Amoah

To speak up whenever I’m concerned.


St George’s Hospital

Lorraine Snook

To be true to myself, speak up

Healthcare Assistant

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital

Jennifer Bullock

To speak up more if I have any concerns

Healthcare Assistant

Flexi-worker CFT

Teresa Keats

To encourage others to speak out and be prepared to listen.

Staff Nurse

Salisbury Foundation Trust

Liz Jones

To help any colleague who should approach me with a complaint or problem.

Executive Personal Assistant

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Pam Vickery

Given my positive experience of whistleblowing, I will encourage others to speak up about workplace and other concerns whenever they occur.

Serious Incident Investigator

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Watts

To work to the best of my ability and always help others and speak out if any problems arise.

Clerical Officer (Medical Records)

NHS Bristol Dental Hospital

Mary Nicholls

I will have no hesitation in speaking up knowing that the support is there.

Medical Secretary

United Bristol & Weston Healthcare Trust

Margaret Davies

Listen to both sides before making assumptions.

Lead Nurse


David Pearson

I will not stand by, I will communicate and signpost behavioural standards, create a supportive environment, seek opportunities to learn, train, improve accountability and transparency as we work towards an inclusive and zero tolerance culture.

Divisional Medical Director (Dental)

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation trust

Arlaine Vinuya

To speak up if there’s anything that will be out of bounds and any substandard practice .

Senior Sister


Victoria Green

I am committed to assisting my colleagues and organisation in making a ‘Speaking Up Business as Usual’ culture, through enabling and supporting them to have courageous conversations, to improve the lives of their colleagues and friends at work.

Quality and Performance Manager

Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit

Dean Kenney

To speak up about any issues that cause me concern.

Administration Officer


Maria Indelicato

To speak up whenever I feel something isn’t right or could be improved. I’m proud to be an advocate for patients and their families.

Play assistant


Mandy Hulme

Not to be afraid to raise a concern for myself or others.

Speech and Language Assistant


Melissa Armstrong

To always listen to others, to encourage speaking up and to be approachable.

Therapy Services Admin Support

University Hospitals Dorset

Alexandra James-Best

To actively register any issues or concerns I have within my organisation and to contact the relevant person who needs to be alerted in order to support good practice and improvements.

Speech and Language Therapist

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS trust

Heather Roberts

To support staff and create a safe space for them to speak up. I will thank them for highlighting any areas of concern and will feedback any outcomes and learning. I will honour their confidentiality.

Ward Manager


Suzanne Smith

To speak up when necessary and to listen to others.


NHS Stratton Hospital

Nichola Davies

To always be available and approachable to all staff who need the time and safe environment to talk.


Kings College Hospitals NHS Trust

Claire Taylor

To speak up when it could benefit others even if I feel afraid. To notice and support others to do the same.

Clinical Supervisor

Sussex Community Partnership Trust

Sue Thomas

To speak up when I am aware of something that needs addressing that can harm or impact someone and if someone has behaved inappropriately.

BLMK ICS Workforce Project Support Officer

Cambridge Community Services

Julie Critchley

To be here to listen and support all staff no matter what role they are in or what ‘band’ they are. I want our patients to have the best care possible and our staff to feel safe speaking up if they feel things are not going as well as they should be

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Alexandra Morgan-Ross

To speak up and support improving service for our clients and staff

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Myra Mannering

To have the courage to speak up if I see anything which is a cause for concern within my organisation and understand that if I do so I can help improve matters for everyone, staff and public.

Volunteer Staff Support Counsellor

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Stephen Sadiku

Having learnt on speaking up, it is advisable to speak appropriately when there is a matter of concern in an organisation.

Staff Nurse

University Hospitals Bristol

Loretta Lovday

To raise any concerns in order to improve efficiency on ways of working practices.

Bank Administrator


Nicola Couch

Give feedback on the freedom to speak up training

Allied Healthcare Professional

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Mapp

To support those who wish to speak up but feel they cannot. I think that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness and to be part of a organistation that supports this.

Front of House Manager

Spire Healthcare

Laura Moloney

To support staff to speak up where needed by reiterating the principals of Freedom to Speak Up.

Orthopaedic Therapy Team Leader

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Claire Parkman

To always speak up if I have any concerns.

Facilities Assistant


Peter Clayton

To take the appropriate action if I get to know of anything in the hospital or institute that may be adversely affecting patients or colleagues.

Professorial Research Associate

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

Christine Heath

To speak up about anything I feel needs to be raised regarding the health and wellbeing of any of my collegues and will signpost them to the Guardian and support them if needed.

Voluntary Services Manager

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Clare Leeming

To always speak up as we are the patients advocates.

Healthcare Assistant

University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

Rebecca Webb

To speak up if I have any concerns regarding risk, malpractice or wrongdoing, including if I think that something is good but could be better. I will show my support to others to encourage them to speak up when they have concerns.

Therapy Assistant

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sam Pawlyn

To uphold the values of the Freedom to Speak Up role and am committed to promote an open and honest culture within dental practices.

FTSU champion

LDC’s of Yorkshire and Humber

Allison May

To continue to do my best to maintain and improve on good practice and work with my colleagues in such a way as to enable them to do the same.

CC&D Psychiatric Liaison Nurse

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Janice Fialho e Symons

To “speak up” and help others do the same

Pharmacist – Critical care

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

Lauren Smith

To always encourage someone to speak up and air concerns. I will be there to listen, support and guide them.

Junior SIster

King’s College NHS Foundation Trust

Gillian Trow

To speak up when necessary to help myself and others.

Senior Administrator/Medical Secretary

Cambridgeshire Community Services – iCaSH Peterborough

Sara Galloway

To become more confident to speak up to ensure improvements are made within the organisation, which ultimately will improve patient care and experience

Staff Nurse

Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Marie Burns-Jensen

To offer confidential support to my work place peers under the Freedom to Speak Up policy. I will guide them through the process, if they wish to make their concern heard in a safe space .

Community Rehabilitation assistant

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Melanie Hall

To support the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and be visible within the organisation as a source of Freedom to Speak Up promotion and accessibility.

Non-Executive Director

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Darryl Newman

To promote and allow Freedom to Speak up. Also, to provide an open door policy with non-judgemental listening and to action and feedback to those speaking up.

Nursing and Clinical Professions Recruitment Lead

University Hospitals Plymouth

Karen Forrest

To support any of my colleagues to speak up. If they choose to speak to me, I will always say ‘thank you’, and support them to speak to the right person or raise the matter on their behalf.

Professional Development Nurse


Leena Panchal

To ensure others are able to approach me should they ever feel they need to speak up freely and to thank them for coming forward, because it is not easy and I have firsthand experience in the fear of speaking up.

Junior Sister

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust- Queen Mary’s Hospital

Lottie Wood

To know where to find information about speaking up, as this course is the first I have heard about it. It needs to be known more.

Healthcare Assistant

Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Adele Hartley-Spencer

To encourage staff and colleagues to speak up about unsafe practices to prevent patients from experiencing harm.

Associate Director of Nursing

Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

Sandra Pascall

To support my colleagues and encourage them to ‘speak up’ to make things better.

Team Leader – Radiology

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Royle

To always be approachable in my manner and encourage staff to speak up.

Site Manager

Brownlow Health @ Marybone

Rebecca Watkins

To have more meetings as a team. Due to covid and home working, it can be quite daunting feeling alone.

Recruitment Officer

Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Leona French

To provide time to colleages to give them time to talk

Nursing Associate


Malebogo Koakae

To thank others when they speak up and make it a positive experience as much as I can for all involved.

Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Michelle Stoops

To speak out when needed and to listen when asked

Crisis Worker

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Sania Namaganda

To not be afraid to speak up as it improves confidence and quality of services delivered to patients by the organisation and also improves employees’ welfare.

Healthcare Assistant

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel Grainger

To be supportive and to give a helping hand

Healthcare Assistant

Royal Derby Hospital

Geraldine Perkin

To raise my concerns and speak up for the sake of improving the services of the trust.

Staff Nurse

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

Maureen Robinson

To encourage all staff to speak up if they have things on their minds that is upsetting them and to make sure it is investigated and feedback is given back to the person involved.

Out-Patient Department Supervisor

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Victoria Marlow

To listen and thank all my team who share their concerns with me. And I pledge to make a difference for them.

Senior Sister

The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Sandra Oduro

To allow my colleagues express their opinions on matters to help improve professional standards at the workplace.

Staff Nurse

Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

David Hansford

To start daily debrief meetings at the end of a shift to discuss and speak up about any problems and ask the team for ways to reduce issues.

Registered General Nurse


Karen Hawley

To support a culture of speaking up / listening up / following up at MFT. I will ensure I listen and support staff who need to raise concerns, thanking them for speaking up and allowing the organisation to learn & improve.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Rebecca Witte

To use speaking up as an opportunity to make things better, rather than a problem
to be put right.

Peer Support worker


Deborah Shipley

To be a better listener so my colleagues and patients alike can have confidence I will listen and support them and find a way to ensure their concerns positive or negsative are heard.

Staff Nurse

North Manchester General Hospital

Sharon Rogerson

To support my colleagues in feeling confident and empowered to speak up without feeling discriminated against.

Sister Critical Care

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Christina Fitzgerald

To champion psychological safety in my workplace so people feel free to speak up and use their skills in a creative and supportive environment.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Pennine Care Foundation NHS Foundation Trust

Denise Meadows

To speak up if I feel that there is a service improvement to be made or if I feel that there is a danger to patients or staff by not doing so.


Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Rose Horne

To support, listen and encourage staff to speak up and point them in the right direction to do so.

Operations Manager

NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Julie Hays

To create a working environment where staff feel able to speak up about all aspects of their working life, and where excellent patient care is at the heart of all we do.

Operational Team Lead

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Laura Moloney

To be a line manager that all staff can come and speak to about any issues. I will allocate time in my week/month to give staff the chance to come and talk about any concerns.

Orthopedic therapy team leader

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Jackie Fawdry

To encourage my colleagues to speak up and will support them in any way I can

Healthcare Assistant

Chichester Festival Theatre

Deborah Shipley

To work on my ward encourage staff to speak up if any concerns and make a reflection box so we can all share are thoughts re what can be improved during our shift. Also, to encourage staff to liase with their PTS and encourage them to open up.

Staff Nurse

North Manchester General Hospital

Thulasi Rahulapaskaran

To speak up about any issues that I feel are unfair to staff or patients while being confident my confidentiality and job will be protected.

Pre-registration Pharmacist

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Cheryl Algie

To support clients staff and families to speak up of any concerns, issues they may have within work or home life and not to be afraid as we all have the right to speak up.

Assistant Practitioner

Cambeck Close Short Break Service

Lisa Brooks

To continue to speak up to safeguard patients in my care and colleagues in my workplace.

Health Visitor

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

Seun Olaniran

To speak when I need to in order to contribute to the smooth running of the trust I work for and the NHS in general.

Staff Nurse

Pennine Care Foundation NHS Foundation Trust

Purnima Dhorajiwala

To whenever I see something that needs to be addressed, I will speak up and raise my concerns if any and inform my organisation about it.

Ward Admin


Paulette Johnson-Campbell

To continue to speak up about the things I had shut up about because I felt nothing was been done about them

Health Care Assistant

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Jack Smith

To speak up, if I see anything of concern, and urge others to do so. Also, to offer support to anyone who comes to me seeking help with speaking up.


Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Kalu Kalu

To always speak up and support others to do same. I will always thank people who speak up and provide feedback to them.

Integration & Partnerships Manager

Norfolk & Waveney CCG

Martha Rocio Torres Fajardo

To speak up when I need it for my wellbeing for the wellbeing others and to look after the others in the compassion, quality and best care way.

Nurse Assistant

Bristol Heart Institute

Myra Bailey

To thank someone when they speak up and always give feedback.

Staff Nurse

University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust

Carol Cottrell

To not let issues fester and to confront them head on. To speak up if I feel someone is being treated unjustly.

Personal Assistant

Wirral University Trust Hospital

Terence Sheppard

To critically evaluate my own observations and perceptions of activities to ensure bias is minimized before reporting through the appropriate channels as a positive step to improving organisational effectiveness.


University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Becci Hall

To always be a listening ear to anyone who needs to talk.

Senior Liaison Practitioner

Police custody

Irene Alderson

to address issues with senior management if I see bad work practice, bullying or staff under too much pressure. I believe all workers should work in a safe and secure enviroment and not feel pressured or compromised.

Admin Assistant

County Durham & Darlington NHS Trust

Subo Shanmuganathan

To support our organisation to continue to deliver high quality patient care by listening to our staff when they have concerns and taking action when needed

Non-Exective Director

South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust

Alison Warren

To continue to speak up in the workplace which can be a better place for us as employees which can lead to better patient care.

Support Secretary

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Jemima Emmans

To ensure that our team are confident that they can speak up about any concerns. To reassure them that they will be listened to, supported and given feedback and that they can approach me in confidence or be signposted appropriatley.

Nurse Team Leader

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Diane Jones

To speak up if and when necessary to promote a no-blame environment where mistakes can be recognised to minimize potential harm.

Medicines Managenent Pharmacy Technician

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Peter King

To speak up if I see something I feel is wrong.

Customer Service Engineer


Susan Dixon

To not feel as guilty after speaking up.

Independent Review Panel (IRP Administrator)

NHS England

Melanie Wade

To speak up and to give others the opportunity and encouragement to do the same.

Speech and Language Therapist

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Susan Dulgarn

To continue to speak up if I witness or observe any action or inaction which will have a negative impact on any individual or group of people, and I will support and encourage others to do the same.

Family Nurse

Crown Commercial Service

Julie Duffy

To encourage my co-workers, colleagues and students to speak up if they feel bullied, intimidated or not competent in the role or they are given to do. And to offer encouragement and always be kind in the way I speak to people.

Registered Bank Nurse

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Margaret Thomson

To not be afraid to speak up when I see poor clinical practice that may affect a patient’s outcome or cause harm. To have the courage to report any inappropriate behaviour that either I am involved in or have reported to me by another .

Senior Staff Nurse

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Darren Melling

To be an ear for colleagues when they need to speak up and to speak up myself when something or someone is causing concern.

Digital Skills Trainer

Informatics Merseyside Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Edmunds

To support staff to speak up, particularly staff who may find it harder to do so, including staff with protected characteristics

Head of Equality and Human Rights

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Debbie Reynolds

To listen, support and guide and work as a team. To speak up when necessary to help myself and others, don’t be afraid for speaking up it helps your mental Health Its ok not to be ok nice to know there is help

Ward Clerk

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Lesley Beresford

To always have courage to raise any issue or give any suggestion to ensure the organisations little cogs that turn the big wheel are working to their full potential with correct procedures and protocols in place.

Care Co-Ordinator

Derbyshire Community Health Services

Sharon Malhi

To maintain an open door policy for colleagues to come and speak to me about things they want to see changed at the Trust and I will listen and act in accordance with the Trust values.

AD for Workforce & OD

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (ROH)

Tariq Hakim

To make sure to thank anyone who speaks up before addressing his concerns etc.

Head of Capital Delivery

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Samantha Graham

To speak up on any concerns I may have within my workplace, without fear of recrimination or negative treatment from others. I pledge to encourage my colleagues to speak up, encouraging them to make a pledge themselves.

CHC Nurse Assessor, Mental Health

Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit

Lynn Woodford

To identify and offer suggestions for better ways of working, to streamline processes whilst providing a seamless service.

Outpatient Administrator


Dave Kitchin

To always challenge inappropriate organisational behaviour that may impact on patient safety or staff welfare, including: values being openly preached but not always followed by trust leaders.

Head of Service

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Sandra Watkins

To listen to and support my trainees to discuss any concerns they may have.


Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust

Mandy Gatt

To always have my door open to all of my work colleagues & treat everyone with respect. Treat people how I would like to be treated.

Senior Retinal Screener

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Hilary Havard

To listen when someone needs support and help them to find a resolution

Paediatric Dermatology Nurse Specialist Nurse

Wye Valley NHS Trust

Debra Brennan

To make people feel comfortable when speaking to me. I will also listen intensely and give feedback from any conversations.
I will always thank my staff for any thing that is said to me and value their opinion.

School Nurse


Dolores Cariga

To listen and thank my colleagues / team who share their concerns with me. To make a difference for them. To speak up if I feel that there is a service improvement to be made or if I feel that there is a danger to patients or staff by doing

Nursing Assistant

Countess of Chester Hospital

Hannah Burton

To actively listen to everyone and act when required to do so

Physical Health and Wellbeing Lead

South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust

Helen Donovan

To improve awareness, communication and NHS services by speaking up myself and supporting others to do the same.

Nurse Manager

The Christie Hospital

Susan Waybourne

To make sure I look more approachable for anyone who feels that they need to speak about anything at all.

Clinical Site Manager

Hereford County Hospital, Wye Valley Trust

Heather Robinson

To speak up to ensure patient safety and to ensure fairness, equality and respect for others is practiced by all.

Biologics Nurse Specialist

Wye Valley NHS Trust

Kevin Waite

To always strive to make the workplace a happy place and to question or speak up about actions/incidences that I feel are not helping to achieve a happy workplace for all that may work there.

Stores assistant

The Great Western Hospital

Charlotte Morton

To treat people with respect and take any concerns disclosed to myself seriously. I also pledge to speak up for myself in others in order to promote a healthy and safe workplace for everyone.

Healthcare Assistant


Jacqueline Hodgkinson

To listen and ensure I have time to listen and to thank individuals who have shared information with me.

Named Professional Adult Safeguarding

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Christopher Eden

To always say thank you when someone contacts me to Speak Up. I will encourage this to become Business As Usual.

Senior Endoscopy Technician

Medway Maritime Hospital

Lady Ann Galang

To honor confidentiality and to speak up when necessary and to listen to others.

Staff Nurse

West Suffolk Hospital

Mariden Cawagas

To speak up whenever I see something that need to be addressed and no one is talking about it.

Staff Nurse

Medway Maritime Hospital

Elizabeth Robinson

To be confident in speaking up where and when necessary and to encourage others to do so.

Clinical Governance Assistant

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Clive Freemantle

To endeavour to be more open, honest and forthcoming in my workplace to help engender a safer, healthier, more dynamic work environment.

Community Mental Health Nurse

Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust

Lauren Bishop

To be more proactive about speaking up – to be more aware of things no matter how small that may be improved upon to help the wider team.

Midwife (Community and Clinical Research)

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Jacqueline Pearce

To encourage staff to speak up in monthly team meetings, to ensure staff know who they can talk to if they feel uncomfortable talking to me and to thank all staff who do speak up and make sure they are kept informed of progress

Landau Kleffner Syndrome Lead

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Joanna Bruce-Jones

To not hesitate to speak up and I will encourage my team to do the same.

Resuscitation Services Manager

University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

Wendy Pearson

To speak up when and where necessary to aid patients, staff and colleagues

Domestic Assistant

Syncronicity Care Ltd

Nnenna Obinna

To speak up whenever I need to do so and support others to speak up as well.


South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

Vanessa Wright

To continue to be a good advocate for my patients and to speak up if I feel that something is not right.

Therapy Assistant

Medway Maritime Hospital

Jane Newbould

To speak up if I see any potential for breach of human rights, exploitation or harm to our precious vulnerable elderly patients.

Community Psychiatric Nurse

Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

Mwamba Bennett

To actively listen to, support and thank staff to #SpeakUp so that a culture that embraces speaking up is built up in our Trust. I also pledge that I will #SpeakUp when I notice or are made aware of areas that could be improved.

Senior Contracts Manager and Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Dudley Integrated Health and Care NHS Trust

Sharon Hardwick

To encourage colleagues to raise concerns to some one they can trust and a speak up guardian in order to make service fairer and happier environment to work in.

Occupational Therapy

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Jolene Harris

To look, listen and act with confidence, be kind and understanding and to speak up.

Senior Support Worker

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

Janet Collins

To promote speaking up as a positive path to improvement within our service and organisation. To embed the principles of Speaking Up within our team meetings and use our experiences to gain perspective on different situations and support each other.

Lead Nurse for Diabetes

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Juliette Chandler

To be more approachable and to thank team members and our volunteers for the work they do allowing them the freedom and space to speak up when there is an issue.

Macmillan Information & Support Health Professional

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Sarah Majid

To speak up about matters in the organisation that trouble me, and encouraging colleagues to do so.

Consultant Psychistrist in Psychotherapy

Tavistock & Portman NHSt Foundation Trust

Jean Salthouse

To, instead of listening quietly, endeavour to make my views known in a respectful way.

Independent Hospital Manager


Liz Nicholls

To be more available for staff within my organisation and ensure they are better aware of and empowered to speak up.

Primary Care Tutor

Bexley Training Hub

Jane Scholey

To begin to gain enough confidence to speak up for myself alongside speaking up for others.

Library Assistant

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Debbie Lawson

To invite our FTSUG to a team briefing to talk about her role.

Director of Corporate Services

Queenscourt Hospice

Adarsh Jose Perekkatt

To understand how to raise the issues with who and whom in my training .

Nursing Assistant

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

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