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‘Speak Up, Listen Up, Follow Up’ is divided into three modules. It helps learners understand the vital role they can play in a healthy speaking up culture which protects patient safety and enhances worker experience.

You do not have to work for an NHS organisation to access this training. It is available to anybody who would like to register.

Contact e-Learning for Healthcare if your organisation would like to embed this within your own Learning Management System (LMS).

Speak Up

Core Training for all workers

This module covers what speaking up is and why it matters. It will help you understand how you can speak up and what to expect.

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Listen Up

For managers at all levels

This module focuses on listening to concerns and understanding the barriers to speaking up. Managers should complete both Speak Up and Listen Up to ensure they understand what speaking up is and how they should respond when someone speaks up to them.

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Follow Up

For senior leaders

The final module – Follow Up – completes the package. Developed for senior leaders throughout healthcare – including executive and non-executive directors, lay members and governors – this module aims to promote a consistent and effective Freedom to Speak Up culture across the system which enables workers to speak up and be confident they will be listened to and action taken.

Senior leaders are expected to complete all three modules, Speak Up, Listen Up and Follow Up to ensure they have a full understanding of the speaking up process.


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Speak Up Pledges

Have you already completed our speaking up training? If you have been inspired to take action, you can make a pledge.

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